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Digital Influencers Meet PR Pros, formerly Social Media & Blogger Bees Meet PR Pros, was developed by Agency Abron in 2017 to ignite a compelling conversation on the increasingly pertinent and necessary relationship between bloggers, social media influencers and PR professionals.

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Digital Influencers Meet PR Pros and the DIMPRP Podcast

As a public relations professional, Vanessa Abron, the founder of Agency Abron, noticed the mutual benefit both parties presented to one another and wanted to create an understanding regarding the collective growth between the two continually evolving professions.


As the landscape of media evolves, influencers are becoming an essential component to disseminate messaging to reach a specific target audience, and public relations professionals are a gateway to connecting these influencers to the brands they seek to partner with.  Agency Abron noticed the growing relationship but realized the two professions have not quite yet mastered how to navigate it. 


The company created this event as a springboard to help the two industries gain a clearer understanding of each other's roles, but more importantly, how their roles intersect and positively enhance each other’s profession. 


To date Agency Abron has hosted events in Chicago and Los Angeles, and the event series has now evolved into The DIMPR Podcast, which explores the same topics.  To listen to the podcast visit us on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, YouTube, PocketCasts, Breaker, and RadioPublic

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