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Below you will find out what a few of our clients had to say about their experience working with
Agency Abron. If you would like to see more testimonials, please visit our YouTube page here:

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Sherry Amour Full Body Blue Dress - FINA

Sherry Amour

Singer, Songwriter, Artistpreneur

I like how easy it is to share ideas with Vanessa, and she attentively listens and takes it all in to
provide great feedback! Agency has recently been instrumental in providing creative ideas and
a storyline on how to bring my vision together for an upcoming music video project that I am
working on. I would describe Vanessa, the founder of Agency Abron, as “quietly intuitive.” I see
that Vanessa can help clients think outside of the "traditional" box of creatively connecting with
people. People have a set idea of what PR entails, but Agency Abron provides practical and
creative ways for clients to use what they already have to grow to where they desire to be.

Pennjamin Bannekar.jpg

Pennjamin Bannekar 

Emcee, Songwriter, and Performer

Vanessa Abron creates a productive work environment, and her ability to brainstorm and then
implement what she brainstorms into an active strategy is an underrated skill.
Agency Abron has helped me creatively by showing me a different way to get to the end goal. I
had gotten so accustomed to doing things one way. It ultimately stagnated my creativity. Once I
saw how Vanessa operates, it opened my eyes to a new method, which I have implemented
more than a few times.
I would describe Vanessa as smart, visionary, eager, thinks outside of the box, accommodating,
interesting, and an experimenter. Vanessa’s ability to write and conceptualize is a benefit to any
creative writing team. I think it’s important to have different voices in the room when writing, but
equally important to have different voices; you have to have the right voices that fit your end
goals as an artist in the room.

Pennjamin Bannekar.jpg
Max Williams.jpg

Max Williams 


I like working with Agency Abron because of how great of a communicator Vanessa is and how
effective she is in the process of putting you in the right direction. I've always met some really
cool people through Agency Abron. Vanessa has helped me creatively because of the different
projects she has got me involved in. I've met new clients who have presented new ideas to me
that have helped me expand my personal business. I would describe Vanessa as a creative
individual who creates new opportunities for individuals seeking them. Not only that but the way
that she executes it, in events such as the yearly Digital Influencers Meet PR Pros event, which
is so creatively put together. Outside of this, Vanessa is a multi-talented individual. Agency
Abron fulfills the need for people to expand themselves to a greater level than before. Whether
that's meeting new people, or helping them put their name in front of a new audience, or
creating something for people to come together. Vanessa is just an overall great person to work
with. She always has a great attitude towards everything and everyone. I've had nothing but
great communication and experience working with her. I would highly recommend Agency
Abron to anyone!


Malvika Sheth

Style and Fashion Influencer and Content Creator

Vanessa is someone who takes the time and energy to get invested in your personal goals and
creates a roadmap to implement them. There is no one size fits all for her, and that's the beauty
of working with her. You really have someone dedicated to doing their best to serve your unique
needs. Agency Abron has helped in conceptualizing what reaching my goals might look like. As a creative, having a vision is important, but acting towards that vision can sometimes be
confusing. Vanessa has really helped clarify this for me. Vanessa is someone who understands the need for creativity in marketing while sticking to attention to detail. Vanessa is innately a creative problem solver. Whenever there is a goal you're unable to reach or a problem you're unable to solve, she has natural abilities to break things down in a creative yet logical way. Apart from all of her skill sets, Vanessa is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her warm personality and interest beyond just the work that needs to get done make one always look forward to corresponding with her!


John C. Jointer

Creator of &"Indie Soul Journeys" Docuseries, WTTW-PBS Chicago

Vanessa has an incredible work ethic, is fiercely dependable, and possesses a strong attention to
detail. I can count on Vanessa to bring a sense of structure and organization to all my creative
events and visions. From a creative perspective, Vanessa has shown herself to be a
progressive and forward-thinking visionary. Vanessa has proven to be a great connector of
people. She has a keen understanding of the value and importance of networking and being in
the room with other like-minded business professionals and constantly encourages her clients to embrace that mindset. From our very first consultation session, Vanessa has not only met my
initial expectations; she's exceeded them. I cannot imagine my company without Agency Abron
on my team.


Allen Kern

Music Instructor and Founder of Senses to Soul Music

I like working with Agency Abron and the company’s founder, Vanessa Abron, because she has a great personality, she's knowledgeable about her field, she gets things done quickly, she has a great work ethic, and she follows through until the task is done.


Agency Abron has helped me to promote my business by scheduling me for a newspaper interview and getting me a front-page article written about my business. Agency Abron also collaborates with me in developing new ideas to move my business forward and shares what other businesses like mine are doing.


Vanessa carves a space for herself. She doesn't always follow the norms of her business field. Sometimes she has to think outside the box and develop other ways to create opportunities for her clients.


Not only am I a client of Vanessa, but Vanessa is also a client of mine. She encourages me to move forward by continually developing my business and to challenge myself and my clients.

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